SalenGo Platform

Reimagining The Way You Collaborate

SalenGo is where teams work as one

Easily work with your team when all of your documents — quotes, invoices and more — are securely editable in the cloud.
Invite them to collaborate, join in the conversation or just have access to the right documents at the right time.
And with all your data in one place, you’ll never lose any document.

Stay productive, wherever you are

Working with coworkers, customers and partners has never been simpler. With SalenGo, not only can you share documents, you can also create, edit and review documents (quotes, invoices, etc…) with others in real time from anywhere, on any device.

From simplifying the way you manage your documents to collaborate with your global teams, SalenGo helps you work smarter and faster than ever.

Security you can trust

Protect documents by saving them on SalenGo. No matter if you have any issues with your devices

– all your documents are safe with us!

Our platform backup your data multiple times per days. Nothing is lost, everything is preserved!

The benefits of SaaS and Cloud

No Contract Negotiation

Automatisation. Standardisation. Elasticity of resources.

Cost Control

Started in minutes. Change whenever you want.

Always the Latest Version

Frequent new features installed. Fewer bugs.
Quick Fixes.

Agility & Availability

Corrective fast. No maintenance costs. High availability.

Accessible from the Internet

Terminals connected with a browser. Increased availability of information shared.


Secure access. Secure exchange. Secure data.