We place special importance on the security of your data. Everything has been implemented in this way: your data is encrypted end-to-end, access to servers is secure and restricted in a Datacenter in France (Datacenter that hosts many CAC40 company numbers). In addition, all your data is backed up several times a day in another Datacenter.

All connections to SalenGo are encrypted through an SSL certificate (https://<secure>

Your browser will give you information about the certificate used to secure the connection if in doubt.

Is My Data Encrypted?

All data is encrypted in transit when sent to SalenGo’s website, using high-strength TLS encryption. Content is also encrypted at rest by SalenGo using 256-bit AES encryption, and is further protected by an encryption key-wrapping strategy that also utilizes 256-bit AES encryption.

Note: SalenGo defaults to use the strongest encryption cipher suite available starting with 256-bit AES. 

Any questions or comments, let us know.