All your contacts, invoices and products, for your business, centralized at the same place.

  • Manages your clients, leads, suppliers. Create your own mailing lists
  • Send invoices, track time, payments and expenses in seconds.
  • Simple, fast and intuitive.
  • Saving your time, saving your money, saving your stress.
  • Automatic recurring invoices and reminders.

Why choose SalenGo for online billing?

  • Send invoices faster
    Get paid faster

    Create easily in 20 seconds your documents, send them by email or ground mail and enter payments for all of your clients.

  • Transform estimates and orders to invoices

    Simply send estimates, have them approved online, and convert them to either delivery orders or invoices so you can be paid faster.

  • We will bill your clients for you !

    Use our recurring invoicing to do the job for you and let SalenGo send out your invoices directly to your clients at your convenience.
    Simply wait for your payment !!!

  • Record your expenses

    Track your expenses in real time, check your balance against your forecast and double-check with your banking account. Get your company balance in real-time.

  • Control your time,
    control your charges

    Log your time, log your tasks and report them to your clients with accurate details.

  • Your finances at your fingertips

    Quickly see estimates approved, invoices paid (or not!), orders on going. Generate your own reports easily, when you want and in realtime. Now, put your stress behind you and forget to remind people for non-payment, we do everything for you!

  • Easily create Delivery Orders

    Transform Purchase Orders to Delivery Orders easily for your production teams. Avoid bad typo, mistakes and create specific reports.

Professional Online Contacts and Invoices Management
Online Billing Application

Contacts, Estimates, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Catalog, Reports.

Create, edit, modify, send all your documents professionally, quickly, and easily.
Manage all your clients, leads, suppliers and create mailing lists quickly, and easily.

Online contacts and estimates / invoices application, intuitive and interactive.
Allowing you to manage your contacts (clients, leads, suppliers), your billing and your accounting like a professional
After a couple of minutes, you will love it.

Just try to adopt it!

Save Time and Effort with our Online Invoicing Software...

SalenGo is simple and efficient web based software built for you and your teams.

It helps you to painlessly send invoices, track payments and produce reports. Using it is a relief, not a headache !