[SalenGo] Upcoming Pricing Changes

Over the past years, SalenGo has significantly expanded the features of all of our plans, including new functions, increase collaborations features, payments connectors, the API, and most recently, improve catalog functions (to name a few). All these changes are part of current premium plan and we will continue to improve them in the future.

Our goal is to provide a feature-rich and value-priced product for all of our clients.

Price changes take effects as of June 1st, 2019 and will affect only extra options (plans are not affected by this change). For premium monthly subscribers, these changes will be effective in your first monthly invoice after September 1, 2019.

However, monthly subscribers can still keep current prices during a year by upgrading to annual subscription. To take advantage of this offer and lock current prices, please reach out to our support team.

Extra staff           5,00 EUR           7,00 EUR
Caterer  Module         29,00 EUR         29,00 EUR
Purchases Module         29,00 EUR         29,00 EUR
Stock Module         29,00 EUR         29,00 EUR
Delivery Module         29,00 EUR         29,00 EUR
Stamps (unit)           1,20 EUR           1,40 EUR
SMS (unit)           0,15 EUR           0,17 EUR
Template (unit)         99,00 EUR         99,00 EUR
Quickstart (program)   1 000,00 EUR   1 000,00 EUR