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Build with the SalenGo Platform

Integrate, extend and build apps with the power of SalenGo

Cloud Content Management APIs for developers

SalenGo is a cloud-based enterprise services management platform to securely store and manage their business data. Using our APIs, developers can manage and interact with data (invoices, quotes, documents, contacts, ....) stored in SalenGo and use SalenGo as a content management layer in their applications.

Build a Custom Integration

Use the SalenGo Platform APIs to connect an application with SalenGo to download, upload, access and manage your content and documents in SalenGo — just for your business.

Secure, encrypted cloud storage

Upload, access and manage content in SalenGo's secure cloud platform. All data are encrypted in transit and at rest.

Interactive document manipulation

Display interactive viewers for documents, files, contacts, products, catalog or other types of document using a powerful Javascript library.

Keyword search

Find documents or contacts in SalenGo with keyword-based queries.